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3PL Shipping Lead Generation Best Practices

This is custom heading element Build Credibility, Get More Leads and Crush Your Sales Goal The Internet Has Changed the Shipper… Better Informed. The buyers of 3PL services are more informed because they have done their research. Selective. With the explosion of information available online, buyers are very selective about what they read – promotion, advertising, salesy copy and boring are easily. In They want to buy, but not interested in being sold. Distracted. Always connected, but often not paying. Hunting for Experts. Today’s buyer is looking online for industry thought leaders who can teach them best practices. 3PL Sales [...]

Phone Sales Call Script

Here's a great cold-calling script from one of the world's top experts on cold calling, Keith Rosen. This script was created for a cost-reduction company and can easily be adapted to virtually any product or service. Here's the script, with explanations of each element: Hi, John. Jim here from Acme Cost Control. Identify yourself immediately, or the contact will hang up on you. Did I catch you at an OK time? This question demonstrates respect for the person's time and an understanding that your phone call is not the only thing on his or her plate for the day. You [...]

10 Simple Ways To Generate Leads

Lead generation is a difficult and time-consuming task but the success of your business hinges on identifying new prospects and attracting them to what you have to offer. The ultimate goal for your freight broker business (or any business) is to generate more leads to convert into customers so your business will grow. The suggestions below are designed to help freight brokers fill their sales lead pipeline. The more leads you have in your pipeline, the more prospects can be converted to customers which means more money for you and your freight broker business to grow and prosper. Here are

Lead Generation Links

Here is a Linkedin search for people having “Shipping Manager” in their current Title. They will be most receptive to opportunities to lower their freight spend. LinkedIn Shipping Managers Over 700,000 Commercial and Industrial Suppliers Browse our Supplier Directory to view listings of all the businesses in the Engineering360 network 10 Dollar Solo Ads Using these targeting options BUSINESS: Supply Chain Management BUSINESS: Logistics TRANSPORTATION: Shipping (General) TRANSPORTATION: Trucking

Email Signature Generator

Email Signature Generator Features Images Display Properly In All Email Clients Easy To Read Professional Design Displays Properly On All Tablets And Mobile Devices How To Use (Simple Version) Create a new empty signature in Outlook Copy your desired signature's code (to the right) Navigate to the Signatures folder in Windows Open your newly created signature file with Notepad Paste what you copied here, save and close. All done! Detailed Step By Step Guide Email Signature Tutorial Step 1: Add Your Info Finish your profile(found at the top of the Employee Dashboard), as this is where the signature generator pulls [...]

Customer Relationship Manager

This is custom heading element Company Name Industry Type City ST Zip Description Last Action 2 wdt_ID Company Name Industry Type Phone Email Address City ST Zip Website LinkedIn Description Last Action Additional Notes 1 0.0 1 Chillermen Manufacturing Potential (855) 454-6200 280 Digital Dr Morgan Hill CA 95037 Website Designs, fabricates, installs, and provides support for heat transfer equipment. 0.0 0.0 2 Digital View Manufacturing Potential (408) 782-7773 18440 Technology Dr Ste 130 Morgan Hill CA 95037 Website World leading supplier of interface solutions, such as LCD displays & media players. 24+ Years. 0.0 0.0 3 Chorse [...]