5 Tips Freight Brokers Can Use To Find New Customers

5 Tips Freight Brokers Can Use When Seeking New Customers

It can be a challenging task for freight brokers to construct a steady stream of carriers, particularly for those who are new in the market. There are many stories of brand-new, passionate brokers whose excitement vanished in simply a few months of consumer searches while securing barely one or two shippers.

Freight Brokers Must Be Pioneers

Discovering consumers is always a difficult task, no matter which market you come from. Freight brokerages are no exception to this. The kind of services they use may vary from other organizations, however, the ways to discover brand-new clients, shippers, in this case, is the same as in any other market: with perseverance and a devotion to excellence.

Following are some tested pointers on how to find shippers who can generate new business:

1. Target a Specific Freight Niche

Prior to you begin practicing as a freight broker in the truck shipping market, it is vital to identify your niche. As soon as you know who your potential customers are, you will better have the ability to develop your competence for this particular niche. Focus on a specific market will allow you to best fit your customers’ requirements, build a strong market track record, and stand out in the crowd.

2. Utilize the Web For Freight

As soon as you know who your target market is, the job of discovering the possible customers amongst all potential customers will end up being a lot simpler for you. Among the best methods to perform your search is through the web. The majority of brokers nowadays utilize the internet to discover carriers and providers in their niche.

If you are an experienced freight broker or a reputable brokerage firm, you naturally have great direct exposure in the industry, and you maybe understand who are the leading shippers and carriers in your market.

However, if that is not the case with you, there are many websites online that features a complete database of all leading providers and shippers in the country. There are a number of directory sites that even allow you to see the website URL of the particular companies and let you connect with them via e-mail.

3. Be Visible on Freight Boards

Both totally free and paid freight boards are offered out there. To get a subscription on these boards, you simply need to register your company name with them. There are a great deal of carriers who keep an eye out for carriers on such boards.

Free freight boards enable you to browse their database without paying a single cent. Paid boards, however, use rewards such as a credit report – possibly the most dependable method to validate if a provider or carrier is genuine.

Tips Freight Brokers Can Use For New Customers

4. Cold Calling as a Freight Broker Still Works!

A lot of freight brokers have cold feet for this tactic. But there is absolutely nothing like getting one possible consumer at least out of 100 calls made to different carriers.

Frequently the effective callers have 2 traits in common: first, they understand why they are telephoning prior to the call, and secondly, they do a comprehensive amount of research about the company or person they are calling.

While it’s rare to make it through on the first call, one should not get discouraged. Gradually with time, you will come to know what works and what doesn’t. And by doing this you will have the ability to find freight broker strategies that will help you gain brand-new carriers quickly.

5. Make Your Freight Broker Presence Known Online & Offline

For creating an online existence, you can benefit from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google-Plus and LinkedIn. And for an offline presence, it is recommended that you participate in regional events, exhibits, seminars, etc. in your trade. Remaining active and making sure on-time excellent services to your customers at the same time will definitely get you a loyal customer base.