Warehousing And Packaging Services

A reliable warehousing & distribution strategy is crucial to your company’s success in the current global climate. Our strategic warehousing sites, coupled with top methods & practices, guarantee affordable warehousing solutions.

About Our Warehousing Services

We provide complete & accurate tracking of our clients’ inventory. We offer receipts of inventory, production reports, date code & lot tracking, bills of lading, inventory reports & cycle counts.

We provide turn-key service in a cost-efficient, low overhead, clean environment. Our goal is to process our customer’s orders promptly with the utmost attention to quality, cost & service.

Paper & General Merchandise Warehousing in California & Beyond

For your warehousing & distribution needs, we have approximately 300,000 square feet of clean, high ceiling warehouse space with 21 truck docks. Our warehousemen will handle your product efficiently & accurately. We are located in Stockton, California, 1 mile west of Interstate 5 & only hours away from any location in California. 

Warehouse Location

Our warehouse is strategically located in Central California, a mile west of I-5 on Highway 4.

Warehouse Facilities: 40000 sq. Ft. warehouses are ideal for serving the small to medium size warehousing customer. Although each facility can expand, keeping the warehouse moderately sized and controllable is essential to ensure the fulfillment of customer needs.

Computer Services:  Online Inventory Management

Value-Added Services: Catalog/Print Fulfillment, Consolidation & Direct Drop Shipping, Light Assembly, Pick & Pack & Repack, Bar Coding, Will Call,  Logistics, Sorting, Pallet Exchange, Pool Shipping, Re-Load, De-Stuff, and Container loading.

Products Stored:  Food Grade, Consumer Products, Grocery items, Plastic Materials


Simple to Complex: Our customers get answers, regardless of the complexity of the question.  Too many distribution companies are too busy for new customers.  Often, solutions to distribution problems get lost in the hype and the jargon of logistics.  At Fleet Concepts, we believe that the distribution process is simple; our goal is to move product from the original manufacturer to the consumer, supplying essential value-added services along the way.  If you like simple answers to complex problems, call us.

Warehouse Services

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Monthly Storage

  • Shipping and Receiving

  • 24/7 Online Inventory Access

  • Order Picking

  • Slip Sheet/Push Pull/Clamp Forklifts

  • Exporting

  • Monitored Alarm System

  • Security Cameras

  • Organic Food Certified

Products Handled

Paper Products

Your paper products are dealt with in an organized way at all times in our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities. We guarantee that you can rest easily together with ecological compliance, safety, insurance, and the safety that our warehousing solutions include.

General Products

We support new manufacturing, seasonal merchandise distribution, product overflow (in your present storage center), local distribution, plant growth or assistance, disaster relief & more. We consistently aim to be an efficient 3PL warehousing companion; no logistics project is too small or large for us.

Home Goods/Grocery

At Fleet Concepts, we offer top-notch packaging, fulfillment, warehousing & distribution services to businesses in the home goods industry. Home goods refer to the distribution & manufacture of cookware, home gardening equipment, soft furnishings, appliances, decor, furniture & more.

Food & Beverage

When you require a trustworthy logistics company & supply chain companion to assist your daily procedures, you can trust the experts at Fleet Concepts. Every day we assist our food & beverage clients to resolve the supply & distribution difficulties distinct to staples like milk, bread & eggs. From freight pick-up to distribution, we have you covered.

Packaging and Order Fulfillment

Fleet Concepts offers contract packaging specializing in high speed, top quality shrink-wrap applications. We provide packaging service in a cost efficient, low overhead environment. Our goal is to process our client’s order as quickly as possible with the utmost attention to quality, cost, and service.

Our production department can set up new assembly lines as needed. Let us help you with your new or existing projects.

Packaging Cost Savings

We provide a flexible labor force allowing our clients to lower their workers’ compensation liabilities and increase speed to market. We also provide the shrink wrapping machines, allowing our clients to delay this capital expenditure.

Some Of Our Packaging Equipment Includes…

  • Shanklin F-5 automatic shrink wrapper with heat tunnel
  • Shanklin semi-automatic shrink wrappers with heat tunnel
  • ARPAC automatic shrink bundlers with heat tunnels
  • Video Jet Excel 100 ink jet printer (small character)
  • Little David ink jet printers (large character)
  • Zebra 105 S label printer for UPC (bar code) labels, etc.
  • 3 Form Fill Seal Machines used for packaging snacks and nuts.
  • SWF Tray former

Shrink Wrapping

  • Print Registered or Clear Shrink Film
  • Multi-packs
  • Variety packs
  • Club store packs
  • Full case over wrap


Sales Display Assembly


Quality Assurance Inspection

Export Product Preparation

Sticker & UPC Printing

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