Flatbed Freight Shipping Services

Fleet Concepts’ flatbed freight services offer solutions for both standard and specialized flatbed equipment that can sometimes be hard to source.

Flatbed Freight Shipping Equipment & Experience On Demand

Whether you require flatbed, step-deck, or RGN services, our dedicated freight professionals can assist you in enhancing the performance of your flatbed shipping. With access to equipment for delivering LTL or full truckload freight, and the versatility & scalability to serve companies big & small.

Flatbed Trailer Available Equipment Types

Every flatbed shipping is different. Flatbed trailers are just a base design from which other trailer types derive. With flatbed trailer freight transport being an open platform, load safety & security at the worksite & when traveling is of great concern.

Get tailored solutions to fit your specific demands as we have access to many flatbed truck types:

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed Trailer

Standard 48′ & 53′ Flatbed Truck Trailer. The standard flatbed truck trailer is the most common flatbed truck trailer seen on the highway.
Double Drop Truck Trailer

Double Drop

Typically used for oversized freight taller than 10′. With a center well style that goes down between the front & back trailer axles, with space varying from 25′-29′.
Expandable Flatbed Truck

Extendable Flatbed

Likewise known as a flatbed stretch trailer & excellent for freight that also works on a basic flatbed trailer but is over-length.
Removable Gooseneck Rgn Trailer

Removable Gooseneck (RGN)

A lowered flatbed trailer to carry loads up to 12′ high. RGNs are generally used for transporting heavy machinery like industrial devices.
Drop Deck Step Deck Trailer

Step Deck or Drop Deck

It includes a lower deck that allows transporting of taller products up to 10′ tall. Shipping tall cargo on a step-deck prevents drivers from needing special permits.
Flatbed Hotshot Truck Trailer

Flatbed Hotshot Trailer

When shipping freight products that need expedited shipping, you use a Hotshot. Frequently, flatbed hotshot trailers can haul between 12k & 20k pounds.
Conestoga Truck Trailer

Conestoga Trailer

Conestoga trailers come with a moving tarpaulin system that is made use of to cover as well as discover the trailer and also provides security to the freight.

Our Flatbed Truck Capabilities

A substantial network of flatbed truck carriers servicing The U.S. & Canada

Anticipate trusted pickup, cautious handling & on-time delivery

Our experts can manage oversized & overweight loads

Move your load securely and also economically with the flatbed trailer experts at Fleet Concepts. Flatbed freight shipping & trucking solutions offer practical variety since they can haul a vast array of flatbed transporting pipeline loads.

Advantages of Flatbed Shipping with Fleet Concepts

Committed account management

Online 24/7 access to tracking & tracing

Know-how & capacity to facilitate expense savings

Best in class visibility & reporting

Access to equipment like step-decks, double drops & RGNs

Expedited & flatbed LTL services

Simple to load & dump, flatbed trailers provide dependable shipping for markets that frequently ship freight across The United States & Canada.

Our flatbed transit professionals can relocate your cargo or heavy equipment, regardless of size. If shipments need authorizations & escorts for transportation or unique equipment for filling & unloading, Fleet Concepts can manage the work with ease!

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Flatbed Transportation & Shipping

Fleet Concepts understands the needs as well as needs for flatbed carrying shipments. From packing to strapping, our flatbed truck specialists bring the experience to relocate your freight safely. Our flatbed trucking solution is an effective shipping solution for freight of all dimensions. Whether your load is also high, broad, over-dimensional, or hefty, our personnel are experts at matching the appropriate flatbed trailer for your delivery.

In the event you require allowing, we can construct the proper permit bundle needed to transport your freight legitimately. We go beyond every client’s assumptions by supplying specialist experience and security for flawlessly flatbed shipping throughout the United States. Do not allow just any kind of business to handle your flatbed transportation.

There are numerous flatbed trucking companies in the market that it can be challenging to limit the leading ones. Lots of companies diversify their solutions so much they shed the primary emphasis of one element, which creates the prospective fail and also reduce efficiency as well as capacities. Whenever you require a group that cares about your flatbed freight, we are that group.

Flatbed Freight Shipping Services

Flatbed Trucking for Freight Shipping

Let us create one of the most worth for your LTL or truckload transportation demands.

Flatbed freight shipping is an essential solution to the transportation industry. Tons of products, equipment, and also equipment are shipped in the U.S. on flatbed trucks daily.

Fleet Concepts is proud to be a vital part of that system. Our flatbed freight transportation offers the amplitude for pop-up, surge, intermodal, and also devoted solutions, no matter sector.

Truckload: Truckload freight shipments usually occupy the majority of the full capacity of a 48 ′ x 53 ′ trailer. This technique is typically made use of when clients have enough items to load a whole trailer, their freight is time-sensitive, or require their cargo in a trailer on its own.

Less Than Truckload: Less-than-truckload freight shipments usually occupy less than half of a 48 ′ x 53 ′ trailer. When you schedule a partial truckload, you divided the price of a truck with other carriers, saving you cash.

Flatbed Freight Shipping Services

Flatbed Trailer Benefits

  • Very versatile, without sides or roof covering permitting effortless loading and also dumping
  • Dependable shipping choice for industries that regularly move raw materials and durable goods

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