Dedicated Truck Services

Our dedicated truck program pairs with businesses and private truck fleets of all industries to provide custom-made solutions
that guarantee efficiency and safety, backed by an expert team of logistics specialists.

Dedicated Truck Shipping Services

Our dedicated truck program is an alternative to owning your fleet, which allows you to have total control of a fleet of equipment and drivers, without the problems and liabilities of ownership.

We were one of the very first companies to provide an established dedicated lease service over 25 years ago. We believe that we offer the highest quality service available.

Fleet Concepts is pleased to offer a truly innovative and cost-efficient dedicated truck program in the United States.

Dedicated Truck Services Designed For You

Fleet Concepts gives customized Dedicated solutions to meet the one-of-a-kind requirements of your company and also your industry. By trusting us to handle your transportation, you can reap the benefits of a private fleet without the difficulties they can present. Let us manage all facets of the operation consisting of price, policies compliance, service efficiency, and much more so you can concentrate on your core business. We deal with customers of all sizes, so our scalable options will improve the performance as well as the flexibility of your distribution network while delivering top-notch service.

Dedicated Truck Program Overview

We supply drivers, tractors, trailers, fuel, maintenance & all support operations in one package. Equipment & drivers are generally based at your facility or facilities.

We Supply…

  • Tractors w/Radio Communication

  • Maintenance

  • All Necessary Insurance

  • All Taxes & Tax Reporting

  • Experienced Drivers

  • Trailer Fuel & Oil

  • Tire & Repair

  • All Office & Payroll Functions

  • All Regulatory Responsibilities

  • Replacement Drivers & Equipment

  • Extensive Safety Program

  • 24 Hour Customer Service

Hidden Benefits of Dedicated Truck Services

Deep Pocket Liabilities

A major accident is a huge liability. Transferring this responsibility to the dedicated carriers shoulders will relieve your company of this potential problem.

Equipment Updating

An up to date, modern fleet of equipment is important to your company’s image and service. A quality paint job on a tractor costs well over $3,000. This is a huge cost that your company will no longer encounter.

Employee Time Savings

Our handling of personnel functions, CHP Bit and Pull filing and reporting, and equipment repair services will save your employees time and your company money.

CSA 2010

The Commercial driver pool has decreased by 200k over the last few years. Hiring costs are now around $3,000 per driver. Let us use our experience to navigate these costs, giving you more time to do what you do best.

Maintenance Costs

Breakdowns and even preventative maintenance can be very expensive if you own your own fleet. Tires are around $500 each. It now costs over $15,000 to have an engine rebuilt. We incur all of these costs.

Carb Regulations

New regulations require “Clean Air” trucks. Filters to extend the life time of a pre-2010 tractor cost around $20,000. You will never deal with these regulations again!

Dedicated Truck Program in a Nut Shell

Advantages Of Our Dedicated Truck Service

  • Instant Fleet
  • No exposure to California equipment inspections!
  • No need for safety/compliance coordinator!
  • No need for logbook auditing!
  • No driver shortage!
  • No need for relief drivers for sick and vacation days!
  • No workmen’s compensation paid by your company!
  • No spikes or need for truck insurance!
  • No need for authority!
  • No maintenance costs!
  • Driver is controlled by you!

Length of Agreement

3 month trial basis is available.
30 day cancelation notice required.

Dedicated Truck Service Initial Cost

  • One (1) Tractor
  • One (1) Driver
  • Two (2) Trailers
  • Operates within a 150-mile radius of your facilities

$72 per hour plus FSC

Dedicated Truck Service Average Cost Per Day

40 hr/week minimum or 3 loads per day Minimum

40 Hour Per Week Minimum

8 Hours Average Per Day
300 Miles Average Per Day
$72 Per Hour x 8 Hours = $576
FSC of 20 Cents Per Mile x 300 = $60
(The FSC changes on a weekly basis. You will receive weekly reports on this.)
Total Average Cost Per Day = $624

Dedicated Truck Service FAQ

Who dispatches & controls the equipment?

Your preference – Your shipping department can maintain complete control or we can handle all dispatch from our central dispatch office.

Who takes care of maintenance, fuel, tires, hiring, payroll, taxes, and insurance?

Our company is responsible for all of these items.

What will happen to our current drivers?

We are more than willing to hire any of your current drivers that you wish to keep. It has been our experience that 80-100% of the drivers end up staying with us. This is a great help in the transition process. All drivers must meet our safety qualifications and company requirements to qualify for employment.

Will you have the same drivers and equipment on a daily basis?

Yes. The same drivers and equipment will work out of your facilities each day, with the exception of vacations, illness, or breakdowns.

What happens in the event of vacations, illness, or breakdowns?

Illness: The driver calls our company, we call you and we send in a trained replacement at no extra cost.

Vacations: All vacations are scheduled through our company. We send in a trained driver for that period at no extra cost.

Breakdowns: We will have an extra tractor or trailer available for replacement in a timely manner at no extra cost.

Are there any hidden costs?


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Dedicated Trucking Services In-Depth

Dedicated Trucking Services In-Depth

Reputable, rapid, and dedicated services are what Fleet Concepts concentrates on for our industrial clients as you obtain premium solutions for your immediate shipments. With our same-day dedicated trucking processes, your freight will make the fastest time possible out when driving without any stops or hold-ups. You’ll likewise obtain information regarding your shipments to bring you the satisfaction that your freight will reach its location.

When you require the same day, overnight or next day accelerated freight delivery services in the USA as well as Canada, Fleet Concepts is your transportation option. Allow our dedicated trucks, and also vans assist you in getting your shipments out on the road and also to the defined areas.

Dedicated Trucking options to satisfy even the most intricate transportation needs.

With urgent freight capabilities at the regional, local, and also nationwide degrees and a variety of functional services, there isn’t delivery or target date we can not make.

If you want unrivaled Dedicated Trucking services, look no further than Fleet Concepts. Along with our flexibility comes premium customer care as well as satellite tracking technology, both of which permit you continuous access to info regarding your shipments and also a time of pick up or arrival.

We Understand Your Sector

  • Automotive
  • Food & Drink
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrials
  • Health Care

Much Better Expense Monitoring

Fleet Concepts Dedicated service will lower your transportation prices and reroute funding back into your core organization.

We will handle:

  • DOT Laws & Safety Requirements
  • Strong expertise in equipment requirements, CSA scores & driver safety
  • Safety Division keeps our compliance with rigorous regulations
  • Industry-related legal know-how to minimize your threat & responsibility
  • Several systems are integrated with our TMS to give us more control over equipment efficiency, gas & various other expenses.

Efficient Operations

Fleet Concepts Dedicated Truck Services will certainly boost the performance and flexibility of your distribution network. We will provide:

  • Industry-leading systems offer 24/7 tracking & reporting
  • Ability to continuously monitor shipment performance
  • Access to experienced drivers

Top-Notch Service

Fleet Concepts Dedicated will certainly give you and your customers high-quality service that fulfills as well as exceeds expectations.

We will do so by utilizing our:

  • Asset and Venture Services
  • Ensured capacity from our extensive carrier network
  • Well-maintained equipment reduces delays

Modern technology

Industry-leading systems for 24/7 monitoring and coverage already installed in our fleet so no extra expense needed for startup.

Multiple systems are incorporated with our Transportation Management System (TMS) to provide us a lot more control over device performance, fuel getting, as well as other variable expenses.

Integrated Transportation Administration System improves our inner as well as outside organization processes with you.

Logistics design software is made use of to assess your existing distribution network as well as layout the enhanced Dedicated solution.


  • Youthful fleet calls for less substantial upkeep
  • Reduced costs by avoiding maintenance fees
  • Our high requirements ensure the highest quality of work
  • A large network of fuel & maintenance partners across the US
  • Large network in the US of the nation’s largest truckload carriers
  • Access to the customer base of companies to offer backhaul freight
  • Savings from backhaul matches are handed down to you

Benefits of Fleet Concepts Dedicated Truck Service include:

  • Smooth start-up process
  • Much better cost administration & financial savings
  • Reduced direct exposure to risk or obligation
  • Guaranteed capacity
  • On-site administration & efficiency coverage
  • Acclaimed customer service

Dedicated and Specialized Tools

Every little thing integrates for smooth, reputable delivery.

Your unique freight travels solo. Having no contact with other shipments lowers the chance of damage and accelerates transport without the expense of airfreight.

Specialized freight shipping: Our specialized freight services sustained by a fleet of dedicated devices. It’s a brilliant mix. Whether you’re restocking or relocating an entire storage facility, providing a truckload of frozen veggies or obtaining a shipment to port on time to make a sailing, depend on Fleet Concepts Freight and also our specialized freight services to make it happen.

Expedited and also guaranteed service alternatives? Check. Is dedicated equipment ready for ground service on-site? Check. Minimal handling for quick transport? Check. Fees based upon mileage, not weight? Check. Huge North American shipping carrier network? Check. Everything required for special freight is at our disposal.

Equipment Makes or Breaks a Special Freight Delivery

With Fleet Concepts Freight, you can detect the devices you need at your location, from cargo vans and flatbeds to 53-foot trailers. It’s the perfect solution when handling stockroom shipments, restoring supply, and other high-volume needs.

When customers pick Time-Critical Dedicated Equipment service, they get accessibility to specific devices consisting of:

  • Freight & Sprinter Vans
  • Straight Trucks
  • 53-foot Dry Van Tractor-Trailer
  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Air Charter Service
  • Special Services Support Special Requirements
  • Dangerous Product Management
  • Temperature-Controlled Trucks
  • Freeze defense

Choose Expedited or Guaranteed Service for On-Time Delivery

Fleet Concepts sped up, guaranteed solutions allow you to choose the delivery date as well as time choices, including weekend breaks, holidays as well as after hours. Time-Critical Service counts Saturday and also Sunday as service days for Thursday or Friday-to-Monday service in between the majority of factors in the USA and Canada.

Obtain exclusive use of reliable devices throughout The United States and Canada. After we fill the freight, it’s untouched up until delivery. Receive personal focus and standing updates for ensured delivery.

Dedicated trucking solutions concentrate on one thing: getting your urgent shipment to where it needs to go.

Here at Fleet Concepts, we supply next-day and same-day dedicated trucking options for B2B consumers. We eliminate the lines and the waiting.

The minute you contact our dedicated trucking company, we put our transportation services into a movement to get your freight picked up as well as shipped in a few hours.

Dedicated Trucking and Fleet Concepts Equals a Perfect Match

Dedicated Trucking & Fleet Concepts: The Perfect Match

Our dedicated freight options involve matching your commercial freight to the best truck based on size, weight, and seriousness. Your delivery is the only point on the truck, as this process decreases multiple shipments along the transportation route. Instead, your delivery goes straight to the destination with our network of truck carriers as well as van carriers.

Special Use Freight Shipping Trucks

Sprinter Vans: Our sprinter vans lug loads of approximately 2,000 lbs when you have cages, light pallets, and also sped up LTL shipments. These vans are excellent for the same day, last mile, and overnight distributions.

Straight Trucks: We have tiny trucks capable of carrying up to 6,500 pounds as well as big trucks that can take care of 12,500-pound load capacities. Whether you have numerous pallets or huge buildings and construction devices, our straight trucks will bring the load in the future.

Urgent Dedicated Trucking Services for Your Shipping Needs

By utilizing costs dedicated trucking services through Fleet Concepts, you get a fast logistics service and a smooth transportation process. This option enables you to add more freight to the reserved truck if you have an LTL delivery heading out. Fill the van or associate as much as it can hold.

The same day, overnight and next day delivery services for your shipments. We match your delivery to the best dimension van or truck to help cut prices for you. Hotshot trucking services when your shipment needs to arrive during off-peak hours. Last-mile dedicated trucking services for shipments that show up by an air carrier.

Expert representative to manage the logistical information as well as answer your questions

Reputable, Rapid and Dedicated Services.

Dedicated Transportation

Fleet Concepts offers Dedicated Transportation services across the United States as well as Canada with unparalleled rate and performance. We utilize a Dedicated Transport Department, which specializes in Exclusive Fleet Solutions to make certain economic services. These services consist of the capability to deliver your medium-sized freight or large palletized products in a vast array of devices.

Dedicated Transportation Alternatives

  • Truckload (48 ft. or 53 ft.)
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated
  • Van
  • Team
  • Air Ride

When it involves Dedicated Transportation, there is no replacement for a beneficial experience. For over the years, the specialists at Fleet Concepts have worked to give personalized, safe shipping solutions as well as budget-friendly services.

Dedicated Transportation Services

  • 3PL Logistics
  • Expedited Trucking
  • Expedited Shipping
  • Same Day Delivery

When you collaborate with Fleet Concepts, you access to our full line of Urgent Freight solutions. From Straight Trucking as well as Expedited Freight services to Air Freight, our flexibility guarantees we meet all your logistics requirements. Intend to get going today? Request a Dedicated Transportation quote from Fleet Concepts Express as well as one of our experienced experts will certainly call you as soon as possible.

Dedicated Freight

Fleet Concepts has been offering timely as well as safe Dedicated Freight services for years to companies throughout the United States and Canada. Our considerable experience has permitted us to develop connections, surpass expectations, and also offer consumers with freight options that satisfy deadlines while preserving a concentration on reliability.

Fleet Concepts is a multi-national firm. We operate on a local, regional as well as nationwide basis in the United States and Canada. This reach implies that whether you have medium-sized freight that requires to be delivered locally or to supply big palletized cargo across the nation, we can assist.

Dedicated Freight Services

Dedicated Freight Services

  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery
  • Air cargo
  • Hot Shot Trucking
  • Expedited LTL
  • Express Trucking

At Fleet Concepts, we understand the importance of prompt, dependable distributions. That’s why we provide Dedicated Freight services that run according to your routine. Despite the time of day or night, we can pick-up as well as provide your cargo while we offer our specialist customer care 24/7/365 to give updates and also address inquiries. Ready to begin with prompt and safe Dedicated Freight services? Obtain a quote from Fleet Concepts today.

Dedicated Carriers

By running at the regional, local, and national degrees across the USA and Canada, coverage is one of the many variables that sets Fleet Concepts besides various other Dedicated Carriers. We make use of a vast network of trained vehicle drivers and a vast array of equipment consisting of 53-foot tractor-trailers, flatbeds, vans, and also straight trucks to ensure the fastest and most economical Dedicated Freight option for each shipment.

In addition to our considerable coverage, we also use extensive dedicated freight services to fit your requirements and needs. Our solutions can be tailored depending on the dimensions of your freight, the destination, and the target date.

Dedicated Carriers Services

  • Air Cargo Services
  • Hot Shot Trucking
  • Very Same Day Delivery
  • Time Vital Freight
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery

When deadlines are particularly tight, or locations particularly far, we couple our Dedicated Trucking services with our unequaled Air Freight service. With the versatile freight services of Fleet Concepts, you have the peace of mind understanding that there isn’t a delivery we can not make and that your freight is always in great hands.

Are you prepared to work with a knowledgeable and dependable Dedicated Truck Service? Start today by requesting a quote from Fleet Concepts.

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