Dedicated Truck Services

Our dedicated truck program pairs with businesses and private truck fleets of all industries to provide custom-made solutions
that guarantee efficiency and safety, backed by an expert team of logistics specialists.

Dedicated Truck Services Fleet ConceptsFleet Concepts is pleased to offer a truly innovative and cost-efficient dedicated truck program in the United States.

We were one of the very first companies to provide an established dedicated lease service over 25 years ago. We believe that we offer the highest quality service available.

Our dedicated truck program is an alternative to owning your own fleet which allows you to have total control of a fleet of equipment and drivers, without the problems and liabilities of ownership.

Dedicated Truck Program Overview

We supply drivers, tractors, trailers, fuel, maintenance and all support operations in one package. Equipment and drivers are generally based at your facility or facilities.

We Supply…

  • Tractors with Radio Communication

  • Maintenance

  • All Necessary Insurance

  • All Taxes and Tax Reporting

  • Experienced Drivers

  • Trailer Fuel and Oil

  • Tire and Repair

  • All Office and Payroll Functions

  • All Regulatory Responsibilities

  • Replacement Drivers and Equipment

  • Extensive Safety Program

  • 24 Hour Customer Service

Hidden Benefits of Dedicated Truck Services

Deep Pocket Liabilities

A major accident is a huge liability. Transferring this responsibility to the dedicated carriers shoulders will relieve your company of this potential problem.

Equipment Updating

An up to date, modern fleet of equipment is important to your company’s image and service. A quality paint job on a tractor costs well over $3,000. This is a huge cost that your company will no longer encounter.

Employee Time Savings

Our handling of personnel functions, CHP Bit and Pull filing and reporting, and equipment repair services will save your employees time and your company money.

Carb Regulations

New regulations require “Clean Air” trucks. Filters to extend the life time of a pre-2010 tractor cost around $20,000. You will never deal with these regulations again!

Maintenance Costs

Breakdowns and even preventative maintenance can be very expensive if you own your own fleet. Tires are around $500 each. It now costs over $15,000 to have an engine rebuilt. We incur all of these costs.

CSA 2010

The Commercial driver pool has decreased by 200k over the last few years. Hiring costs are now around $3,000 per driver. Let us use our experience to navigate these costs, giving you more time to do what you do best.

Dedicated Truck Program in a Nut Shell

Advantages Of Our Dedicated Truck Service

  • Instant Fleet
  • No exposure to California equipment inspections!
  • No need for safety/compliance coordinator!
  • No need for logbook auditing!
  • No driver shortage!
  • No need for relief drivers for sick and vacation days!
  • No workmen’s compensation paid by your company!
  • No spikes or need for truck insurance!
  • No need for authority!
  • No maintenance costs!
  • Driver is controlled by you!

Length of Agreement
3 month trial basis is available.
30 day cancelation notice required.

Initial Cost

  • One (1) Tractor
  • One (1) Driver
  • Two (2) Trailers
  • Operates within 150 mile radius of your facilities

$72 per hour plus FSC

Average Cost Per Day of Dedicated Truck Program
40 Hour Minimum per week or 3 loads per day Minimum
8 hours a Day Average
300 miles Average Per Day
$72 Per Hour x 8 hours = $576
FSC of .20 Per Mile x 300 = $60
(The FSC changes on a weekly basis. You will receive weekly reports on this.)
Total Average Cost Per Day = $624

Dedicated Truck Program FAQ

Who dispatches & controls the equipment?

Your preference – Your shipping department can maintain complete control or we can handle all dispatch from our central dispatch office.

Who takes care of maintenance, fuel, tires, hiring, payroll, taxes and insurance?

Our company is responsible for all of these items.

What will happen to our current drivers?

We are more than willing to hire any of your current drivers that you wish to keep. It has been our experience that 80-100% of the drivers end up staying with us. This is a great help in the transition process. All drivers must meet our safety qualifications and company requirements to qualify for employment.

Will you have the same drivers and equipment on a daily basis?

Yes. The same drivers and equipment will work out of your facilities each day, with the exception of vacations, illness, or breakdowns.

What happens in the event of vacations, illness, or breakdowns?

Illness – The driver calls our company, we call you and we send in a trained replacement at no extra cost. Vacations – All vacations are scheduled through our company. We send in a trained driver for that period at no extra cost. Breakdowns – We will have an extra tractor or trailer available for replacement in a timely manner at no extra cost.

Are there any hidden costs?


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