Less-Than Truckload Shipping Services

Combining the top LTL providers with our proven consolidation and distribution expertise. Our logistics specialists create tailored transportation solutions for LTL shipments of all sizes.

How Much Does LTL Freight Shipping Cost?

LTL shipping rates vary based on a number of factors including the type of freight being shipped (freight class), as well as its dimensions and the distance it will travel. LTL shipping allows multiple shippers to share space on the same truck. It is cost-efficient, with multiple companies paying for their portion of trailer space.

Less-Than-Truckload LTL Shipping ServicesHow Do I Prepare My LTL Shipment?

LTL shipments can be handled multiple times before reaching their final destination. It’s important to load the goods onto pallets or crates so chances of damage are minimized. To fully prepare an LTL shipment you should be taking a close look at the dimensions, documentation, packaging and labeling, and how to properly load and unload the shipment.

What Are The LTL Freight Size Limitations?

In most regions, freight loads that are wider than 8’ 6″ or taller than 13’ 6″ are considered oversized freight. These types of shipments will require special equipment. LTL shipments are typically shipped on pallets. Be aware of the correct pallet size needed for your shipment.

What If I Have A Time-Sensitive Shipment?

We offer expedited and guaranteed services. We can also accommodate services beyond typical dock-to-dock transportation including; liftgates, non-commercial shipping, notification options and inside pickup and delivery. LTL shipping is ideal for businesses that have freight shipments of less than 15,000 pounds.

More About Less-Than Truckload Shipping

Less than truckload shipping is the suitable service for carriers with too many products for parcel service provider solutions however not enough to require a full truckload, with LTL deliveries normally weighing 151-15,000 pounds. However, sometimes shippers get stuck when deciding between product shipping choices because the choice can depend upon a variety of variables.

If you’re one of these carriers that are on the fence concerning LTL, you need to further discover just what it needs to use. To streamline this process, we have actually put together a list of what our team believes to be the five core advantages of LTL shipping:

LTL Shipping Decreases Expenses

Regardless of the carrier, expense performance is usually at or near the first of things to consider when selecting the most effective product shipping choice. With less than truckload shipping, freight that evaluates more than 150 pounds. can be shipped at a fraction of the expense of a complete trailer. The lower expense is because of the LTL freight shipping procedure, which requires filling multiple deliveries from a selection of carriers into a solitary truck prior to sending it out for delivery.

This process, frequently known as merging, enables carriers to pay for their section of the trailer area, instead of an entire trailer by themselves. Carriers with a little greater than 150 pounds. of freight may additionally think about shipping by means of parcel service providers. Nonetheless, this requires the freight to be broken down right into a number of tiny plans, to fulfill the algorithm-based pricing requirements, potentially complicating the monitoring procedure.

LTL Shipping Decreases Exhausts

While merging deliveries together via LTL shipping is a friendly financial alternative for the shipper, it’s additionally a much better way to deliver when taking into consideration the setting. A number of today’s businesses and people are taking steps like using less paper and also recycling to lower their carbon footprint, and LTL shipping should be contributed to the checklist.
Broken down merely, the LTL shipping procedure permits one vehicle to lug a full load, as opposed to numerous trucks lugging tons below their complete capacity. Fewer trucks when traveling suggest fewer emissions in the air.

LTL Shipping Increases Security

As soon as a shipper has determined an ideal price point, they normally think about the protection of their products next. Since both parcels as well as LTL providers comply with hub and spoke procedures, products are normally dealt with several times throughout transit. LTL carriers have the advantage over parcel providers because products carriers can, and are urged to, lots freight into pallets or plan freight right into resilient cages to:

  • Protect it from basic deterioration during handling
  • Protect it from other products aboard the trailer
  • Decrease the probability that private packages are lost

Simply put, fewer devices as well as less managing lead to less damages and loss.

LTL Offers Additional Service Alternatives

Cost financial savings isn’t really the only advantage of LTL in comparison to full truckload shipping. LTL commonly enables carriers to gain access to solutions beyond dock-to-dock, consisting of:

  • Liftgates
  • Non-commercial shipping
  • Alert choices
  • Inside pick up as well as shipment

Commonly, these added freight shipping services are billed at a set price or as an additional charge based on weight.

LTL Shipping Is Simple To Track

For freight that is extremely time-sensitive, a 3PL business typically supplies an expedited shipping remedy. For all other LTL shipments, they will certainly be supplied with an estimated shipment time. Having the ability to track these shipments can be handy for planning to accept the shipment. To streamline this procedure, LTL service providers frequently give monitoring that consists of in-transit delivery events such as the pick-up, drop-offs as well as distribution.
Shipments are usually tracked by among the following:

  • Expense of lading number
  • Pro number
  • PO number
  • Delivery reference number
  • Pick up day range

Prior to selecting the products shipping option best suited for your conditions, you must first totally recognize the advantages of each. Hopefully these 5 LTL shipping advantages provided the essential info making an enlightened decision on shipping through LTL or other techniques.