Intermodal Rail Freight Services

Best-in-class service and fuel efficiency our Rail Freight service can save you a lot of money. Receive coast-to-coast coverage for your supply chain!

Intermodal Freight ServicesDiversify your equipment choices with intermodal and rail solutions through Fleet Concepts. Whether you just want to decrease your reliance on truckload capacity, or need a mixture of modes, from steamship to train and truck, our intermodal and rail logistics solutions can help. Stay competitive with an environmentally friendly choice that helps you stay on schedule and on budget.

By definition intermodal transportation is any movement of goods using more than one mode of transportation. Often, intermodal refers to the combination of rail and truck service. This combination creates efficiencies in your supply chain by providing more equipment options, greener miles, and often, a lower priced alternative to truck transportation. In certain lanes over 500 miles, intermodal also gives you the most effective combination of rates, service, trailer size, and mode… All configured to meet your exact requirements!

We uphold a focused commitment to our intermodal customers’ needs. Our team’s attention to detail, superior customer service and dedication to performance provide significant benefits – better transit, greater service reliability and improved economics.

Select Intermodal Features And Benefits

  • Minimize Cost Fluctuations With Consistent And Competitive Pricing
  • Access Committed Capacity And Modal Alternatives That Scale To Fit Your Needs
  • Receive Comprehensive, Coast-To-Coast Coverage For Your Supply Chain
  • Meet Requirements For Drop Trailers, Refrigerated Equipment, Or Live Load/Unload
  • Develop A Relationship With A Single Point Of Contact Who Understands Your Business

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