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Take advantage of our full truckload services for safe & reliable shipping, as well as customized capacity-oriented solutions.

An FTL delivery is a delivery that calls for the entire allowed room of a truck. The usual Less Than Truckload (LTL) solution divides the offered truck space between multiple products and suppliers. Fleet Concepts provides both of these options.

Our Full Truckload (FTL) shipping services can assist you in dealing with any high-capacity, high-volume shipping that needs to be completed the first time correctly. Full truckload solutions are perfect for businesses aiming to relocate high value or heavy haul items across long distances, specifically in bulk. As a result of the nature of full truckload shipping logistics, our trucks will deliver your products exclusively when you require transport.

FTL shipping is most commonly made use of for important freight, large-volume shipping, unbalanced loads, and freight of outstanding mass. No matter the kind of truck needed, we will locate the best rate and also make sure the shipment ships on schedule.

Full Truckload Freight Shipping

Advantages of FTL Shipping

The Top Selection for Huge Shipments: Maintain readily available space exclusive to you and your business with our trucking services. Our team recognizes what permits you’ll need as well as what tools you’ll call for to move your exceptionally huge or heavy load to precisely where it needs to go in as little time as possible.

Ideal for High-Risk & Fragile Shipments: As a result of the time and care put into each shipment as well as the unique machinery needed for FTL, your items are safer across longer distances than if they deliver through a typical LTL delivery.

Shipment Stays in One Truck from Point A to Point B: There’s no changing and no repacking, your load relocates from the origin to the destination without changing hands or housing. Once your delivery is fully loaded, it will not move until unpacking.

Faster than LTL: Because there’s no shifting hands as well as preparation, your freight ships unbelievably quickly to its destination. fast, dependable shipments are terrific for responding to abnormally high need when shipping is down to the wire.

Why Pick Fleet Concepts Logistics for Your FTL Shipments

Your truckload shipments require management with accuracy and peace-of-mind. Fleet Concepts’ full truckload capacities minimize prices and improve implementation with our end-to-end series of cargo transit and also logistics options utilizing advanced shipping analytics as well as checking technology. Our truckload innovation establishes us ahead of the competitors by giving a “control tower” view of our transportation network to manage, track, as well as enhance every aspect of your load. Our transportation management system matches shipper demand with carrier ability in near real-time. At the same time, analytics sharpens our teams to market conditions to ensure trucks load, and your loads arrive on-time.

Fleet Concepts provides exceptional alternatives to far better serve our consumers and lower the amount of cash your company invests shipping partial or full truckload shipments. With an internal, full-service freight broker agent, Fleet Concepts can supply you with affordable rates and also premium customer service. Whether you require a one-time quote for van or flatbed, or multiple quotes for your regular intermodal shipments, our group of specialists is here to assist you. With a variety of carriers, Fleet Concepts is confident that our appointments, pickups, and shipments will be made promptly with the highest level of service achievable.

What You Get When Dealing With Fleet Concepts Logistics

  • Profile of 30k+ carriers
  • Leveraged purchasing power with our regional, local and nationwide carrier network
  • 24/7/365 track and trace support
  • Spot quote market intelligence
  • Shortened transportation times as well as boosted service levels
  • Strict carrier safety common needs
  • Dedicated and also contracted capacity
  • Risk management and freight insurance policy choices

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Freight Shipping Costs For Full Truckload Shipments

Whether you need a full truckload or partial truckload to be shipped, we deliver efficient solutions and affordable pricing for flatbed, dry van, and refrigerated freight. With relationships spanning The United States and Canada, we can accomplish your full truckload shipping requirements.

Our freight experts and freight shipping technology will help to find and execute an optimal solution for you and your business. We are empathetic and adaptable to your supply chain needs and readily available when you need us.

We take both pride and pleasure in helping you get where you’re going!

Full truckload shipping or FTL simply indicates the constant use of an entire tractor-trailer. Both dealers, as well as stores alike, utilize full truckload shipping. Shipping freight via full truckload is the fastest and often the most effective approach of shipping freight. Generally, full truckload shipping permits carriers to ship approximately 44k extra pounds in a single shipment.

Truckload or full truckload shipping is the act of filling up a whole trailer with items to transfer throughout the USA. Typically, a freight carrier will contract an entire load to a solitary consumer. The Interstate Freeway System produced a significant modification in the transportation of products throughout the nation in the 1950s. Before the development of the freeway system, the vast bulk of products were moved by train throughout the country.

Full Truckload Shipping

Full Truckload Shipping – The Game Changer

Truckload carriers have made shipping from door to door more convenient by making the most of the interstate, with the boost in truckload freight transportation and using distribution facilities to move truckloads of freight from one facility to the other. These improvements have drastically minimized the time it takes to move freight from its origin to different areas of the country for distribution.

Full truckload carriers generally prepare a trailer to be delivered to a shipper; they will certainly then fill up the trailer with freight to ship to its location. The carrier will load the trailer with a wide range of different freight configurations, which include pallets, crates, corrugated fiberboard boxes, or other sturdy shipping containers. The trailers are very carefully filled and secured for transportation.

Often truckload shipments are configured into specific containers; LTL carriers can ship these. Truckload carriers ship a variety of products across the USA every day; due to this, occasionally truckload carriers will typically focus on relocating certain kinds of freight. Some carriers will just carry certain types of freight because they need different specialty equipment and insurance for various sorts of freight.

Whether your delivery is big or small, Fleet Concepts can transport it all!

Is full truckload shipping appropriate for me?

Transportation time: Transportation time is improved by 25-50% using full truckload shipping services. Full truckload shipping assists the execution of faster delivery of your time-sensitive freight.

Exclusivity: Shipping freight as a full truckload gives the customer complete exclusivity of the truck.

Minimal handling: Full truckload shipping also reduces the handling of crammed freight. This included benefit minimizes the chance of costly hold-ups.

Is full truckload shipping cost-effective?

Full truckload rates are much more economical in the future than LTL. Less than truckload prices will differ relying on the weight, freight course, as well as density. An additional significant difference is full truckload shipments can make several pickups or distributions in a solitary truckload delivery.

Types of Trucks and Services for FTL Shipments

Dry Van Trailers are your typical 53′ or 48′ semi-truck. It is enclosed, not warmed or cooled down, and has swing doors in the back for filling and unloading freight. A completely dry van can deliver any kind of freight that fits inside the trailer (basic measurements are 102″ vast and 110″ high), or 26-28 standard-sized pallets. The current maximum weight these trailers can hold is 45k pounds. However, this will differ from carrier to carrier relying on preferences and also trailer type.

Flatbed Trailers normally deliver things that are huge or wide, items that require to be filled by a crane, or from the side with a forklift. The trailers most frequently utilized are 48′ in length, with a maximum weight restriction of 48k lbs.

Reefer Trucks are utilized for shipments of temperature-sensitive items, whether the things being delivered a demand to stay warm, chilly, or iced up. This sort of truck comes in both 53 ′ and 48 ′ lengths. The usual temperature array in these trailers is from -10° F to 75° F. Step Deck Trailers, or Single Drop Deck, is a type of trailer that is similar to a flatbed. However, with two deck levels: upper deck and a lower deck that falls after removing the tractor system. Typically, step deck trailers can haul taller loads than flatbed trailers as well as commonly have ramps for discharging.

Double Drop Trailers are used mainly for extra-large freight. The lower deck height lets you load items that are taller after that 10′ tall. There are two sorts of double drop trailers, conventional or fixed neck, as well as a removable gooseneck.

Vessel Trucks or Tanker Trucks are vehicles designed to carry thawed loads, dry bulk freight, or gases on roadways. The largest such vehicles resemble railroad tank vehicles, which are to bring melted loads. Numerous variants exist because of the full range of liquids that can be carried. Container trucks often tend to be big; they may be protected or non-insulated, pressurized or non-pressurized, as well as created for single or several loads (often using internal departments in their tank). Their size or volume ability describes vessel trucks. Large vessel trucks commonly have capacities ranging from 5,500 to 11,600 US gallons, and also smaller sized tanker trucks normally have a maximum capability of 3k US gallons.

Benefits Of Truckload Shipping With Fleet Concepts

  • Us Truck Carrier Network Including Over 40k Carriers

    United States truck carrier network including over 40,000 carriers

  • High Freight Capacity And Reliable Shipping Service

    High freight capacity and reliable transportation service

  • Custom Logistics Solutions For Your Truckload Freight

    Custom logistics solutions tailor-made for your truckload freight

  • Quick Highly Competitive Freight Rates

    Quick and highly competitive freight shipping rates

Full Truckload Shipping Fleet Concepts Transportation

What’s The Difference Between LTL & Full Truckload Shipping?

Full truckload shipping is a service for shippers that have an amount of cargo that fills up an entire trailer and has a time-sensitive pickup or delivery time. LTL (less than truckload) shipping is for shippers with freight that won’t fill up a complete trailer and has a flexible pickup and delivery schedule.

Typically, full truckload is faster than LTL due to the shipment going out straight to its destination, where LTL shipments will commonly make many stops before arriving at the drop-off location.

If you would rather not share the trailer with others, TL gives you the option to have the entire trailer to yourself. Additionally, with full truckload, freight is typically headed to only one destination. While that may also be the case with LTL shipping, it more often involves multiple stops. This exclusivity allows you to track your shipment in real-time easily. That said, if your shipment is time-sensitive, full truckload may be the better choice.

How Much Weight Can A Full Truckload Carry?

A semi-truck driver can comfortably haul between 42,000 and 44,000 pounds. Dry vans are capable of carrying as much as 45,000 pounds. With a full truckload shipment, we recommend you inquire directly with the carrier as to the weight capacity of their trailers to make sure you won’t be exceeding it with your shipment.

A dry van trailer can haul up to 44k extra pounds, although the maximum weight capability does not fully display a full truckload’s capacity. The interior room of a 53ft dry van trailer is 3816 cubic ft. It is necessary to recognize exactly how to load a trailer properly.

How Many Pallets Can A Full Truckload Carry?

One truck can haul up to 30 standard pallets safely. Standard pallets measure at 40″ x 48″. Other pallets can be larger and need more strategic planning for full truckload shipping. Pallets can be found in a variety of dimensions, so as a result, the number of pallets will undoubtedly vary from shipment to shipment. It is a good idea that a carrier uses truckload shipping optimization software.

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