Top Affordable Freight Shipping Services

Top Affordable Freight Shipping Services

Let Fleet Concepts help relieve the stress of freight shipping. We can help you secure the best freight shipping companies at the best rates. Fleet Concepts will help you figure out how to ship your freight, help you get the best freight shipping rates, and give you some tips along the way. If at any point, you feel weighed down, don’t worry! Contact us today and we’ll be there to help lighten the load.

Fleet Concepts makes it easy to find the best freight shipping rates to meet your needs and your budget. Prepare your shipping demands, detailing the needs of your shipment. Then we will provide you with top industry freight rates, or per demand put trucks under your freight asap within your provided budget. We talk to the shipping companies and diligently review their carrier profiles so you know you’re working with the best freight carriers every time.

What is Freight Shipping?

Generally referred to as larger quantities of cargo, freight is ordered then loaded onto pallets and crates to later on be moved through various transportation modes. Freight shipping is the process of physically transporting substantial quantities of merchandise goods, cargo, and commodities. Whether by land, sea, or air, freight is most commonly moved using trains, trucks, ships, and planes. Additionally, freight shipping companies offer a number of mode choices, including less than truckload freight (LTL), truckload freight (TL), intermodal, and expedited freight services. When using a freight forwarder, you can even ship freight internationally.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Freight?

The cost entailed when shipping freight is dependent on many aspects. While deciding which freight shipping company to use for transportation, you should review and compare the pricing each company offers.

These are the main factors that determine freight shipping costs:

  • Dimensions
  • Mode of transportation
  • Density
  • Weight
  • Storability
  • Liability
  • Freight class
  • Packaging
  • Facility type at shipment’s origin & destination
  • Time sensitivity

How to Prepare Freight for Shipment

Prior to your carrier showing up, you’ll be required to prepare your freight for shipment. Depending on the type of goods you are carrying, your freight will either be palletized or non-palletized. Loose products not requiring to be secured to a pallet are considered non-palletized freight. Multi-piece items that need to stay together and are protected on a pallet is a palletized freight. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when preparing freight:

1. Select an appropriately sized pallet, large enough that the shipment pieces will not overhang.

  • Choose sturdy pallets with closely spaced deck boards and zero broken pieces.
  • Pallets with four-way entry points improve handling and decrease damage from forklifts.

2. For stackable items and boxes, stack the cartons on the pallets.

  • Make sure newer cartons are used and that each item can withstand stacking.
  • Avoid interlocking, pyramiding, and rotating layer patterns when stacking.
  • Do not extend cartons beyond the pallet edge.
  • Use appropriate dunnage between the carton to prevent excessive area between cartons.
  • Use load protectors to evenly disperse weight.

3. For non-palletized freight, the shipment should be in shipping containers, crates, or corrugated boxes when possible.

  • Use strong containers efficient in supporting big weights and double box when needed.
  • Protect from flexing by strengthening edges.
  • Make sure internal products are protected by utilizing a suitable cushioning product.
  • Seal seams and closures using reinforced tape.

4. Develop labels with total address details, consisting of telephone number and postcodes, and connect to each piece.

5. Secure freight to the pallet by using straps or banding and then use stretch wrapping to keep all the pieces together.

6. Make certain that each side of every pallet has the complete address information as well, including numbers and postal codes of the shipper and consignee.

Remember, be sure that you follow your freight carrier’s guidelines and guidelines extremely carefully in order to safeguard your shipment from damage and prevent additional charges.

How to Ship Freight Using Fleet Concepts

Save time and money when you ship your freight with Fleet Concepts!

Providing the Necessary Freight Details

It’s important to properly describe your items for the most efficient freight shipping options to be procured for you. In order to determine what type of freight service you require, the very first prepare and measure your freight shipment, listing size and weight of the specific systems. Pallets, drums, crates, and boxes are all commonly delivered by carriers and can be utilized to better describe your shipment. Include any special requirements your shipment may have, such as the handling of your freight or licenses needed.

Whether you choose to send us your freight shipment for quotes or have us quickly find and secure trucks asap. Having a detailed freight description will earn you a more accurate shipping price every time.

Choose the Very Best Freight Shipping Company

A good freight shipping company will take care of a multitude of essential ingredients when it comes to timely, safe, and secure transport of your freight. With Fleet Concepts, you’re able to maintain your privacy while we ask questions and talk directly to shipping companies on your behalf providing you with freight quotes, and/or complete supply chain management.

When deciding which freight shipping company to ship your freight with, here are some factors that need to be asked and considered:

  • Insurance policies
  • Mode of service offered
  • Amount of experience
  • Service contracts
  • Type of cargo needing to be shipped
  • Procedures
  • Locations
  • Tracking

With Fleet Concepts all of these factors are taken care of for you!

Fleet Concepts as a full-service freight shipping company has in-depth carrier profiles for a vast array of freight carriers. Including customer rated feedback, safety records, and transportation history all in one place. With special consideration, we review the transportation history and see if they have moved anything like your freight before. Reviewing these profiles and working daily with these shipping companies help us make a confident and informed decision as we choose the best freight shipping company for your shipment.

Freight Shipping and Delivery

After you’ve decided on your freight shipping company, make sure and contact them directly with any questions, concerns, or additional details you may have regarding your shipment. Coordinate details for pick up and delivery times and locations with your freight shipping company. Share any third party contact information that may help the shipment run smoother with your freight company. Have payment ready at the agreed-upon time.

Freight Insurance Options

Ask your freight shipping company about their cargo insurance. Fleet Concepts provides you with written proof of insurance that details your shipment’s coverage. In some rare cases, you may wish to obtain your own third-party insurance coverage for added protection.