Earn Your Supply Chain & Logistics Management Degree Now

Earn Your Supply Chain & Logistics Management Degree

The College of Business at Valparaiso University in Indiana has developed both a major as well as a minor in the ever-growing field of supply chain & logistics management. The degree will provide business leaders with the ability to run complicated procedures over an assortment of industries, from consultancy and retail to technology and manufacturing.

The transportation and manufacturing hub of Northwest Indiana presents excellent career possibilities for supply chain & logistics management graduates.

Said Sanjay Kumar, Ph.D., associate professor of information and decision science, who is leading an initiative to take this program to Valpo’s College of Business. Kumar continued that the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals stated that supply chain & logistics management careers can yield high-paying jobs, with the interests of graduates exceeding the supply 6 to 1.

Careers in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain managers influence the overall prosperity of a company and are included in each and every facet of the business — transportation, planning, purchasing, production, and warehousing, as well as the fibers that join these components. Valpo’s program will fully outfit students for these cross-operative positions through brand new courses in advanced analytical methods, global logistics management, and enterprise resource planning systems, which offers students hands-on involvement with ERP software commonly used in the workplace.

Supply Chain Insights Study

A new study from Supply Chain Insights revealed the top attributes needed in the shipping industry to be strong analytical skills, problem-solving and the capacity to see the big picture. The research firm also states that 25–33% of the supply chain workforce is either at or beyond retirement age, pointing at expanded opportunities for the next generation to join this high-demand industry.

Valpo’s College of Business is fully approved by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, putting it amongst the top 5% of business schools internationally and asserting the college’s stead-fast dedication to top-quality learning results and forward-thinking curriculum. Their major, as well as minor in supply chain & logistics management, links subsisting programs in business analytics, accounting, international business, finance, marketing, and management.

Major in Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Created as a response to the growing demand, a college degree in supply chain & logistics management turns directly into opportunity. As the aforementioned study from Supply Chain Insights suggests.

Valpo’s logistics program provides students with the tools necessary to accomplish interdisciplinary jobs with all new courses in enterprise resource planning systems, global logistics management, and advanced analytical methods, which supplies students with real-life experience using ERP software. Valpo graduates will cultivate the decision-making, as well as analytical skills essential to addressing highly-complex supply chain issues regionally, locally, and globally.

All their supply chain management majors start with 2 groups of courses:

The General Education Core (56 credits): this University-wide core fortifies your business communication as well as critical thinking skills while also exposing you to global cultures and traditions.

The Business Core (38 credits): this particular block of critical core courses offers you a summary of important business principles & tools.

Shipping Industry Demand

The international and domestic economy proceeds to develop and processes throughout the globe are quickly becoming more and more complicated, making it absolutely crucial for corporations and businesses to effectively manage the supply and demand of both goods and services in an efficient, competitive, and productive way. A variety of industries, from manufacturing and technology to retail and consultation, all understand their supply chain. As the operation that advances a product from supplier to consumer is essential to their success. So seeking people with the proper skills and in-depth knowledge to both manage and perform supply chain operations is very important.

Supply chain and logistics managers contribute to the overall profitability of a company at each step from planning to purchasing, transportation to production, even operations, and storage, not to mention the facets that unite the many components of a business.

Minor in Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Supply Chain & Logistics Management Course Overview

The 15-credit minor in supply chain & logistics management is specifically designed for students wishing to acquire a base understanding of supply chain and logistics concepts and vocabulary. Students of all disciplines are given a chance to harness the talents and experience required to recognize and address supply chain issues of all shapes and sizes in the global marketplace. This program can be custom-made to suit each student’s personal needs and is devised to complement any major.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management Program

Students who plan to master the fundamentals of a business minor are greatly urged to negotiate with the office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences to receive the proper advising.

Minor Requirements for Supply Chain & Logistics Management:

  • IDS 205 Principles of Economics-Micro
  • IDS 306 Finance & Accounting

2 courses from the following choices:

  • IDS 340 Statistics for Decision Making
  • SCM 310 Global Logistics Management
  • BUS 315 Analytical Modeling
  • SCM 330 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • SCM 402 Advanced Analytical Methods for Supply Chain Management
  • SCM 405 Supply Chain Strategy

1 course with a global focus from the following choices:

  • MKT 430 International Marketing
  • FIN 430 International Finance
  • MGT 440 Cross-Cultural Management