Nine Top Paying OTR Truck Driver Jobs in 2020

Nine Top Paying Otr Truck Driver Jobs In 2020

My take on a truck driving job is this. If you’re most likely to pursue a truck driving occupation and make the sacrifices, specifically running OTR short-haul or long-haul truck driving, you’ll want to make the most money you can.

The sacrifices and stress and anxieties of a driving profession are plentiful. It’s a job that is entitled to respectable spend for all the grueling, long hours behind the wheel, often numerous countless miles far from the house.

Generally, you can locate the high paying truck driver tasks in what’s called a “specific niche market.” A particular niche market is a customized sector in the trucking sector.

The work involved in specialized specific niches in trucking is usually a little uncommon. It often suggests pricey, specific equipment and also experienced, skilled, as well as top-notch, specifically educated drivers.

And that’s where the higher wages for the driving settings come in.

Typically these specialized niche tasks featured varying degrees of danger and threat included.

The highest paying truck driver tasks in these focused locations of trucking are often driving work that not many truckers desire for different reasons.

“It’s certainly possible to make decent money in trucking as a driver. Make it your business to know where the money is.”

What Do I Need to Get the Best Paying OTR Truck Driver Jobs?

  • More seasoned, as well as a more intricate skill set, is required to make higher earnings as a truck driver, much more so than the ordinary truck driver that hauls, as an example, completely dry freight loads on a van trailer.
  • Much more considerable threats: Willing to take higher risks. Jobs have a higher degree of danger, entailed.
  • Much more obligation: With more significant threat comes more responsibility.
  • Higher ability level: A more complex skillset called for sure to the specialized specific niche.
  • Accident/incident cost-free: A clean driving document.
  • Driving experience: Business frequently demands a lot more experienced truck drivers with 5+ years of practical CDL experience without any cases on their driving document.
  • Working in remote areas: Some truck driving tasks demands operating in a remote or sparsely booming location.
  • The price of living for truckers in such a location could be significantly higher, also, if the job requires that the driver stays in the place where the job is.

The Highest Paying Truck Driver Jobs – One of the Most Rewarding Markets

Private Truck Fleets

Walmart is just one example of a business with its fleet of trucks. They supply one of the best paying truck driving jobs in the United States. Their rate of spend for a firm truck driver varies from around $70,000 – $85,000 United States each year.

Walmart’s private fleet needs an excellent clean driving background (no preventable accidents, minimal relocating infractions, no severe infractions, and so on), a clean criminal check, as does any kind of business which offers a high paying driving job.

The assumptions are higher than the majority of businesses, but in return, they pay a higher than average income.

Ice Road Trucking Jobs

Ice road trucking tasks can make drivers anywhere from $20,000 – $75,000 for a few month’s work. Additionally, given that the television program has glorified these tasks, it’s ended up being progressively hard to secure one.

There are lots of job difficulties and also dangers involved in a driving job in the ice roads, such as extreme temperature levels, severe winter season storms, and poor roadway conditions.

Tanker/Liquid Hauling

Hauling dangerous products such as gas as well as a variety of caustic and also explosive fluid products uses exceptional spend for the job.

Driving jobs carrying hazmat products tend to pay well above the ordinary driving wage. The driver is no only transporting dangerous products, yet they often are revealed to chemical smog when piping off unsafe chemicals.

Oversized Loads

There are trucking companies that focus on hauling over-sized load hauls.

Specialty Car & Truck Haulers

There are a couple of carriers that provide a superior level of expertise at transporting pricey and also vintage cars. The trailers are enclosed. It takes a very patient driver and one who is careful when dealing with the high dollar freight.

Extracting Sector – Dump Trucks

Several mining businesses that function those ‘behemoth dump trucks,’ supply excellent salaries for this trucking job. A few mines in Australia, as an example, use truckers that generate $100,000 + in incomes annually.

Group Truck Driving

Some groups do extremely well monetarily. It’s often assumed that driving as a group is quick as well as an easy way to be an abundant truck driver, as well as since it is among the highest possible paying trucking jobs.

One of the issues with groups is that the drivers frequently deal with burn out. Although the timetable is practically legal, the drivers are unable to maintain the hectic, stressful schedule for extensive durations.

The speed of payment, as well as the number of miles provided by the carrier, always seems attractive. Nevertheless, loading delays and also lousy weather lowered the miles for teams.

Husband and wife teams can do effectively if both are drivers. They can survive the roadway for extensive durations if required, as well as have no responsibilities for house time.

The success of a group relies on lots of variables, including the capability of the trucking firm they are working for to setup loads successfully.

Owner-Operator Tasks

Both an owner-operator leasing to a trucking company and also an independent can make an excellent living.

Although owner driver jobs may be high paying truck driver work, there’s far more risk as well as duty-bound in truck ownership.

Nevertheless, the pay off can be successful if run like an actual business.

Union Truck Drivers

Unionized truck drivers make higher wages than the typical driver. Unions set a standardized rate of pay, as well as drivers, receive payment for all the work they do.

There are generally everyday living expenses constructed into the wage packages for a union truck driver. Thus their wages are a mark over the average truck driver that’s wages are not listed with the price of living.

Look for the Highest Paying Trucking Jobs

Make it a priority to seek the higher-paying truck driving work, they are available, but the trucking companies will not come knocking.

It’s up to you to emphasize to check into the nine particular niches we’ve mentioned above, and then locate the business near you and also begin your job quest.

My concept is this: If you are going to pursue a truck driving job, whether short term or long term, go with the very best pay possible.