Top 7 Rewards of OTR Truck Driving Jobs

Top 7 Rewards Of Otr Truck Driving Jobs

  • Does the road call to you?
  • Were you born to drive?
  • Do long periods (several weeks/months) of traveling appeal to you?

If so, perhaps OTR truck driving jobs might attract you.

OTR Truck Driving is a Lifestyle

There are numerous reasons people select longer trips instead of short-haul trucking, most of which boil down to the individual. However, OTR truck driving is not merely a job; it’s a lifestyle with both positive and negative factors.

Check out both sides of the long haul trucking “coin” to see if an OTR truck driving job is right for you.

The Top Seven Rewards of OTR Truck Driving Jobs

Every job includes its perks. Right here are the leading seven advantages of Over the Road truck driving tasks.

1. Freedom – Cowboys of the Highway

Most likely, among one of the most common factors to get involved in the trucking biz is the appeal of the independence that accompanies the nature of the task – no manager is hanging over your shoulder, enjoying your every action.

OTR truck driving work allows for greater trip planning versatility for the driver. A driver can typically establish their timetable and make most of their own organizing decisions.

Yes, there are requests from dispatch, and yes, there are hrs of service guidelines to follow. However, you continue to have much more adaptability than any individual sitting behind a work desk pushing a pencil all day long, as well!

Among the biggest seductions around extended trips is the charm of the love of the open highway, the liberty, ‘cowboys of the highway’ appeal.

Some drivers simply can not obtain sufficient driving; they just love to drive a huge truck. Several are afraid the thought of backing right into a filling dock numerous times each week as well as handling limited spaces with multiple city distributions all week long – so those local or short-haul, has no interest them whatsoever. It’s the pleasant lengthy highway journeys that hold more charm for some truckers.

2. The Cash

The spend on lengthy journeys can be significant if you are with a reasonable company. Nonetheless, the agreement nowadays is that OTR truck driving jobs do not compensate the driver instead for the long hours he is away from the house. The variety of miles built up in a week can certainly add up in a hurry.

Since truckers make on a per mileage rate for long-distance OTR truck driving, the pay could be respectable, depending on the sort of trucking as well as the trucking firm.

Single drivers will sometimes make their truck their residence, as well as simply actually make trips back-to-back, take their off-duty time, as well as resets from their truck at a truck quit.

Driver Income – Long Haul Trucking

In the United States – An American company driver makes between about $35,000-$ 40,000/ year and more than that after getting a few years experience.

In Canada – A Canadian business driver can clear concerning $45,000 after deductions.
Usually talking, stats claim that long haul pays about 20% more than short-haul for firm drivers.

For owner-operators driving long haul, the gross/net income has substantial variations. These numbers are price quotes and depend upon the state, personal income tax deductions, the carrier, how much the driver wishes to work, just how much work is available.

3. Get Paid to Travel

Long-haul truckers have the advantage of seeing some pretty spectacular landscapes on their trips, that would or else cost lots of money on a paid trip. Trucking can be an adventure, and also a fantastic method to see the country.

4. The Love of Huge Trucks

Some individuals enter a trucking job for the sole factor that they like driving and also being around the big equipment!

Many discover it quite unwinding to drive. It’s additionally a recognized reality that the holler of a diesel engine (that raw, unchecked horsepower) is said to elevate the ‘testosterone levels in the human body.’

5. Something New Every Day

Daily for the long haul trucker is different – the traveling, the locations, the challenges, the routine – all vary from daily. It keeps life interesting!

“The best part about being an OTR truck driver is the peace-and-quiet. You can set your routine, satisfy lots of people, and also see great deals of trendy areas.”

6. Lots of Trucking Jobs Available

Even in this stressed economic situation, there are still lots of long-haul trucking work, which isn’t the instance with numerous other careers. A commercial driver’s permit not only gives a driver a lot of task opportunities, but there’s some fulfillment understanding that if you don’t know such as the company or people you’re helping, you can always seek one more job. Chances are, they aren’t the only game in the area.

Much more lately, many truckers appear to choose short-haul OTR truck driving tasks, as they do not require significant lifestyle adjustments as running long. Seats are harder for trucking companies to fill up for the long-haul job.

“Always keep in mind to defend your rights as well as avoid trucking companies that are constantly seeking drivers. That will certainly inform immediately that the firm might be having trouble developing high driver turn over.”

7. Flexibility

It matters not where you reside (a village or huge city), it’s always feasible to get a task. And also, if you’re considering moving, there will be a job for you! You should not ever be stuck without work, particularly if you enjoy long-distance driving.

The Drawbacks of OTR Truck Driving Jobs

No job is perfect.

Below are some of the disadvantages of working an over the road truck driving job.

Hard Lifestyle

As a result of the nature of lifestyle in a truck for extensive periods, activities like eating dining establishment food (refined and highly salty), lack of workout, as well as leisure time, the way of living while OTR truck driving can bring about serious wellness issues.

Many drivers have had their commercial driver’s license revoked or put on hold as a result of such troubles as diabetes mellitus, heart concerns, rest apnea, triggered by the unhealthy way of life, of residing in a truck, day after day, month after month, and year after year.

“I will claim just getting on the roadway generally; you’re visiting some screwed up stuff. If you are the kind that does not enjoy fresh new challenges daily, that too can take its toll as well. You will get tired.”

Extended Periods Away From Home

Extended trips for the trucker can be anywhere from a week up to three weeks, and also longer. Once the driver is on the road, some firms will undoubtedly keep them out, making continuous journeys. Some drivers do not obtain residence for months.

This splitting up is difficult for the trucker and also his family members. Truckers miss a lot of regular day-to-day life with their family members.

Great for songs, not so much for truckers with households.


If a driver struggles with isolation, being an OTR truck driving work may not be a terrific option. The trucker will spend extended periods alone. Because the judgment on no portable gadgets, the driver can not speak to buddies or household when driving. Some truckers do not mind the long periods of seclusion.

“I would say if you have a significant other, leaving them for ‘X’ quantity of weeks will be the hardest thing to manage. I am not exactly sure if it gets less complicated, or you just adapt to it. However, it does occur with time.”


Dishes and also individual products bought on the road can accumulate quickly as well as take a huge bite out of a driver’s revenues. The short-haul driver can eat much of his dishes at home and load up his cooler with food from the house, conserving the cost of restaurant dishes.

Owner-operators that are long-haul truckers are getting struck by swiftly climbing overhead. The high price of dining establishment food, fuel, repair work, and also tools, is making this particular niche much less attractive than it once was.

Some Restrictions

Some truckers have stated that with the introduction of electronic logbooks, the destination of the independence factor is subsiding somewhat. They think this system has far way too much control over the trucker.

For instance, if a truck driver begins early Monday morning, drives his enabled hrs, rests, as well as resets. The DOT hrs of service regs claims he can drive at 2 am; the company might urge that the driver begin their change at 2 am to meet a pick-up or delivery visit, even though the driver’s body clock says or else.

Team Driving

For new drivers, it is commonly necessary to run as a group, for OTR truck driving jobs, till they have sufficient experience to work solo.

Many expert drivers LOATHE running with a partner, so if you already recognize you do not wish to drive as a team member, finest to be looking at another specific niche in the industry!

“Paying attention to expert truck drivers is an important thing. Safety is the number one aspect.”

OTR Truck Driving in Conclusion

I think there is just one easy rule to follow to be satisfied in your truck driving career. Paying attention to expert truck drivers is an important thing. Safety is the number one aspect. That’s why I chose OTR Truck Driving. You might say I found my ‘fit’ in my career and my ‘fit’ within the trucking industry. Why is OTR Truck Driving my happy place? Because I found the right occupation for me.