Long Haul Trucking & OTR Truck Driving

Long Haul Trucking Otr Truck Driving

What is long haul trucking?

Long haul trucking is any form of trucking where drivers spend the night far from home, as the trip is too long to be made in a day. Drivers might spend the evening in their cab, or at some form of motel holiday accommodation. Frequently going across states, a long haul trucker may drive from one end of the country to an additional – a nationwide remit is not unusual. Some journeys are longer than others; some long-haul truckers might opt for trips that need only a night or two far from residence, others may get on the road for a week or more. For longer journeys, two drivers may share a cab, and drive to get the load to its destination much more rapidly. Long haul trucking needs drivers to be accustomed to appropriate driving and cargo handling legislation in all the states whereby they pass, in addition to having the type of lifestyle, which indicates they’re able to devote to long periods far from house frequently.

How Much Do Long Haul Truck Drivers Make?

According to numerous credible resources, the ordinary wage for a long haul truck driver is around $68,000, with wages ranging from anywhere between $57,000 and $79,000. Variables such as the business you benefit, sort of driving (team drivers might well make even more, or drivers that stay on the road for weeks at once), as well as hours functioned, can additionally create a difference. Anecdotally, drivers that have their rig, as well as deal with a freelance basis, may make far more, offered they put in the hrs.

Salary Statistics for Long Haul Truck Drivers

An estimated 1.7 Americans worked as long-haul truckers in 2019.

Long-haul trucking is a standard method of delivering freight over far away, typically incorporating countless miles. These truckers usually prepare for their occupation by taking a CDL training program. This training course enables them to examine for and acquire a commercial driver’s permit, which is necessary for tractor-trailer truckers.

Typical National Pay

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, long-haul truck drivers reported an ordinary wage of $19.40 an hr as of 2019. The average long-haul truck driver reportedly made a regular annual wage of $40,360. Nevertheless, pay changes by place, by industry, and according to just how much freight a long-haul trucker delivers each year, bring about a variety of possible salaries. Since 2019, the median-earning half of long-haul truck drivers reported wages varying in between $30,910 annually on the low end and also $47,540 annually on the high end.

Mail Delivery Provides High Pay

The expected pay for long-haul truckers varies by sector. As of 2019, the US Postal Service ($ 52,780) and package delivery solutions ($ 58,140) offer higher average incomes for long-haul truck drivers. Various other sectors reporting typical high rates of pay include electric tools manufacturing, at $64,970, transportation devices manufacturing, $62,300, and also aerospace production, $56,770. On the reduced side of the pay scale were long-haul truckers employed directly in concrete as well as concrete manufacturing, at $37,070, and also support activities for road transportation, at $32,960.

Alaska and Massachusetts Lead Salaries

Since 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that long-haul truck drivers based in Alaska made one of the most cash each year, typically, $51,280. Massachusetts reported the second-highest typical pay for long-haul truck drivers, $46,020. Other high-paying states for this occupation consisted of North Dakota at $45,700, Nevada at $45,580, Wyoming at $45,520, as well as Illinois at $45,270. The lowest-paying states for truckers to be based in were Florida at $36,310, South Dakota at $36,060, and West Virginia at $34,410.

For owner-operators driving long haul, the gross/net income has considerable variants. Likewise, these numbers are price quotes. The actual settlement will depend on state, individual income tax obligation deductions, the carrier, how much the driver INTENDS TO work, how much job is readily available.

High Need For Long Haul Truckers

In between 2019 and also 2022, the BLS anticipates jobs for truck drivers to grow at the same rate as the general American economic situation, about 11 percent. This boom will undoubtedly lead to an estimated 192,600 additional tasks by 2022. But while the job growth for this profession is just ordinary, the demand for employees is high. Many drivers don’t wish to spend evenings far from the house and long hours of driving every day. Therefore, many positions are unfilled, and also those who get a commercial driver’s license should have the ability to locate a task.

Short Haul vs. Long Haul Trucking

Long-haul driving can call for a lot of way of living changes.

Truck driving is a popular line of work, and also, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Data claims there’s a healthy expectation for tasks. Though trucking jobs differ, they frequently are referred to as either short haul or long haul. These terms do not have stringent definitions. However, short-haul trucking typically includes driving within a 150-mile radius. Long-haul drivers usually have a driving span of 250 miles or even more.

Getting Back Home

Going longer distances means long-haul truckers spend even more time away from residence. Some job throughout the week and also get home on weekends, but several are on the roadway for months. Long-haul drivers make a lot of individual sacrifices considering that they have less time with family and friends and may miss out on a lot of special occasions. By comparison, the majority of short-haul truckers come home to their families every evening.

Driving as well as Loading

At some business, short-haul drivers can make up to four stops per day, loading as well as unloading at each place. With more stops as well as neighborhood job, short-haul drivers likewise spend even more time driving on smaller sized streets, with complicated turns and mosting likely to areas with difficult loading anchors. This capacity requires mastering different driving skills, such as support. Long-haul drivers spend a great deal of time traveling on large highways, and they usually haul loads for two or even more days before discharge.

Differences in Pay

Long-haul drivers generally make one of the most cash. Information from the Bureau of Labor Data shows the mean annual pay for hefty and tractor-trailer drivers in 2015 was $37,770. Some short-haul drivers’ incomes may be included. However, the BLS states most drivers in this classification are long haulers. Delivery and driver/sales employees are those who pick up, transportation as well as drop off plans within a tiny area or city area. In 2015, their average yearly revenue was $27,050.


More cash made typically indicates even more money invested in the work. Given that short-haul drivers spend more time at home, they have less on-the-road expenses, such as dishes as well as showers. Nevertheless, some long-haul drivers are on the roadway a lot. They conclude the costs of maintaining a house are not worth it, so they do not buy or rent out houses, cutting their regular monthly living expenses.

Being an Owner-Operator

Lots of truck drivers hop on the roadway intending to come to be owner-operators. For long-haul drivers, it’s a costly objective. The Urban Insurance coverage Firm reports that drivers can usually obtain trucks utilized for short hauling at reduced costs. Additionally, many of the charges, such as insurance, gas, and upkeep, are less expensive, as well.

Being a Long Haul Trucker Can Work

It isn’t impossible to be a long haul truck driver in good health as well as satisfied. However, it is more of a challenge. With cautious planning as well as the best trucking business, a career in this niche of the trucking market can be satisfying as well as awarding and also still a respectable profession.